Good, you’re at the right place. I’ve shot over 400 music videos and yours could be next!


Pricing varies. Every song is different, therefor every video is different. Some songs don’t require much and can be a simple and easy video shoot, so those will be cheaper. Some songs require a bigger budget to give the visual they need, those are more expensive.

Also the length of the song is a factor. Pricing on a 2 minute song vs a 5 minute song will be different. No matter the price the quality will ALWAYS be top notch 4k professional footage. I base my pricing around time. How many hours I feel the shoot will take along with editing. As far as changing locations or scenes those are unlimited during the time frame given for the shoot. At the end of the day I want to give the best video possible for the lowest price.

Currently MUSIC VIDEOS START AT $2,500 plus travel.

I live in Lansing, Michigan. For out of state pricing it makes the most sense for you to do more than just 1 video to get the most bang for your buck.



The deposit goes towards the TOTAL price of music video. The deposit holds the date for the artist therefor no other artist can book that time of day.


Step 1 is reach out to me via email (crackalackmusic@gmail.com) or any of my social media pages (links at bottom of page) and we can discuss details. Details include what you have in mind, when you’re looking to shoot, how long the song is, total video budget, etc. I need to know your total budget so I can have a realistic vision for the video when I listen to the song. For example I don’t want to picture a mansion, 100 models, cars and extras if the budget is only $2,500 budget. From there I’ll give you a idea on a total price and let you know my availability. If everything is a go then I require the DEPOSIT to get the ball rolling.


Deposit is required upfront. Payment options are Cashapp ($CrackaLack), Venmo (@CrackaLack), PayPal (Crackalackmusic@gmail.com).

Remaining Balance is due on or before the day of the video shoot.


3-4 week turnaround. I’m known for very fast turnaround however I’ve been getting busier and busier so it varies depending on my schedule. I like to have videos finished within 2 weeks but realistically it’s usually more like 3-4 weeks.


So on top of getting the actual high quality 4k professional music video I also send 1-2 promo videos (usually the square picture at the top and bottom 30-60 second). Most of my video shoots I also hire a photographer/videographer to do behind the scenes content. You will receive all the behind the scenes photos as well to post. I post all the behind the scenes pictures on my own social media and tag you to give you exposure to over 150,000+ total followers. I use the behind the scenes video footage in my weekly Vlog series CrackaLackTV which goes on my YouTube channel with over 50,000 subscribers. You can never have too many high resolution photos so during the videoshoot I’ll have you pose and take some photos as well.

Below you’ll see a section “Cracka Lack Films” showcasing over 300 music videos. Also to see what the process is like shooting a music video with me check out the “Vlogs” section.


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For more info or if you have any other questions send me a message on any of my social media pages.